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Actionable and accurate content is what your online visitors expect when visiting you online.
“content is king”, “it is the content stupid” and so it goes the old saw of the Internet, repeated so many times to the point of being ignored. However, text (also called copy) and other communication elements of a website that make up actionable and accurate content is what your online visitors expect when visiting you online.

In many instances, content is the only reason why your website exists, so not having quality and fresh content always available for your target audience could render your web presence useless. And design and interactivity following universal basics of computer-human interaction will encourage visitors to stay.

Here are additional insights:
There is an innocent notion that text developed for print is equally suitable for web consumption: nothing farther from the truth.
Text for web pages must be written to be read and written to be found (search engines)
Websites are mostly deployed to satisfy the website owner, not the online visitor. How do you know what your visitors want when visiting your website? Have you thought about offering audience-specific paths for your site?
Websites effectiveness is typically gauged by its look rather than its alignment with purpose and audience. Have you noticed the look of Google.com?

At NeoGraphite we understand the need for quality content. We also understand Usability to accommodate the real ways your customers use your website. We carefully craft the design, and develop a framework for content and navigation that results in positive user experience, which ultimately leads to business success.

Our expertise is an invaluable guidance through the content planning and development phase, if you insist in building content. Better yet, you can get a polished, professional image when you rely on us to present your company, products or services clearly and compellingly through expressive and actionable content.

Online visibility is as important as online presence
The Internet enables your business to make really powerful connections with your customers. Since your online audience lives in both the digital and non-digital world, it is critical that they see your brand and understand your business in both worlds.

NeoGraphite can assist in developing content and integrating page design, navigation and other technical aspects of your online presence to enable top placement of your website in major search engines for the purposes of obtaining online traffic and brand awareness.

We generate consistent search relevancy results because we continuously monitor and adjust your content and other technical elements of your web presence to optimize index placement.

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