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Enable online collaboration  with a business portal.
Use the Internet as it was really intended with a business portal – a window or access point to various systems and services. We can enable your organization to create a virtual workspace for any intended audience (staff, customers, suppliers, other) to collaborate online and utilize productivity services such as discussion forums, document sharing, group calendar, announcements, contacts and the like. This includes deploying multiple websites, all controlled from the same business portal.

A business portal initiative recognizes the importance of relevant people-centric features because so much of the work people do every day is collaborative.

People-centric features that create a virtual workspace for your online audience.
A business portal can deliver a solid return on investment and make a visible business difference in a very short time. It allows you to unlock business potential and enhance productivity by providing role-based access to information and processes from a single browser experience.

From a development and implementation viewpoint, the portal’s declarative environment allows assembling the components that make up a typical portal using easy to use graphical tools. The creation of pages as well as the uploading of content can easily be accomplished with just a few mouse clicks.

Expect launching new pages and even sections of your portal with powerful security and development tools that require no programming. Portal administrator can easily control page content, define page geometry and include re-usable components that expose an underlying information source as well as other content items such as images, hyperlinks, other.

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